Subject [firebird-support] Re: Error: Event Processing at Linux
Author Ales Smodis
ynnorsystems wrote:

> used the tarball. copied the database and clients using 1.0.3 now. the
> problem is not solved...
> "failed to establish a secondary connection for event processing"
> Strange thing is, that the same version under SuSE 7.2 Enterprise
> Server is running, under Debian Woody not.

I had exactly the same problem: Firebird 1.0.3 (from tarball), Debian
3.0 (woody), and a windows client. Windows client used the gds32.dll
from the Firebird 1.0.3 windows' release so I strongly believe there was
nothing wrong here. I tried the server on one Debian computer and it
gave me that error. I did a fresh minimalistic install (no firewall
support/utilities etc.) of Debian and still the same error. I installed
Slackware 9 and suddenly everything was fine.
My first assumption was there is some weird bug in Firebird (or maybe
Debian, or maybe both) so I tried out the 1.5 version (had to compile it
first) and with it everything worked normally under Debian. As I don't
suffer from the explicit Firebird version requirement I was content with
the solution. ;)
Otherwise I have no idea what is going on and I can't spare the
resources to go on the wild goose chasing. The first thing that comes to
mind is that firewalling chains somehow block certain packets, but I
couldn't find any evidence of that.
I did some digging on the subject and found out that Firebird 1.0.x
supposedly binds the socket for event connection to a certain network
interface (or address) and this was the problem with computers with more
than one network adapters (IPs) when connections are coming in on more
adapters. Now it occured to me that perhaps the order in which Debian
configures network interfaces/addresses (localhost comes to mind) plays
a role here, but I haven't researched this as I already had fb 1.5 RC
running with no errors. :]