Subject Problem with firebird DB
Author Ghanshyam
I am installing firebird database with my ASP.Net application (using
Windows installer). All the files of the application and Firebird
database are getting installed properly. When i checked the database,
it is also configured properly.
But, when i try to run the ASP.Net application, it displays some
blank pages (It is not able to retrieve the data from database) and
it doesn't give any error also. The .Net provider is also installed
properly. If the setup is executed on the machine on which I have
developed the ASP.Net application, it works fine there. But nowhere
else. I have also included the dll of the application in setup. What
else needs to be checked? I think, the problem is somewhere related
to database. If the DB file (.gdb) is accessed from any other machine
using IBConsole, it displays the proper records.

What may be the problem? I have posted the message on .Net provider
forum also.

Thanx in advance 4 any help.