Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: FireBird CS locking on FreeBSD?
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:56 AM 26/07/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>I meant is there a FreeBSD binary of specifically?. I have found
>the 1.0.2 binary,

I'm pretty certain that 1.0.2 IS build 796, i.e. the tagged build that
IBPhoenix produced at Christmas for Windows and Linux and other platform
maintainers built at around the same time. The only released build for
1.0.x since then was 1.0.3., and it was much more recent (beginning of
June). There hasn't been a 1.0.3 build for FreeBSD at all.

>but as mentioned in my last post, there's a huge amount of
>politics if I run any other version bar the mentioned one. It all seems
>really stupid to me. I think I might just give the 1.0.2 a whirl anyway and
>try convince the software company to support it.

Just unpack the compressed file and look at the version number. As I
recall, there was a small stuff-up, so the server came out with a build
number of 796 while the client was 798. I don't think you have anything to
worry about, but I wonder if your current problems have anything to do with
having the wrong client library. Have you checked that?

Incidentally, AFAIK, nothing fundamentally changed in the 1.0.x builds
since the original 1.0 release that affects the way clients connect. The
big change happened during the release candidate phase, more than a year ago.

To update you on my tests with RC 1.5, I continue to observe the same
phenomenon as you do with Classic server on Red Hat 8. It appears to me
that the only user who can log in more than once using direct local
connection is root, because root can do whatever it likes. SYSDBA can make
exactly one local connection and thereafter any number of localhost
connections; and I can log any user in from any other station on the

Don't expect Classic server on *x to behave exactly like SuperServer on
Windows. There is a vast architectural difference. I really don't think
your problem is a problem, I think it is "as designed".