Subject RE: [firebird-support] Newbie Qustion
Author Noel Cosgrave
>I have been burnt in the past by OEM
>Compoinents and as a matter of policy
>dont use them.

>Here are the Problems.

>Supplier ceases business (TurboPower)

And opens up the source to the components so that they can be further developed by others, or by you if you so choose.

>Have to purchase new version with every release of Delphi (7 Times)

If you purchase the source, you may not have to purchase a new version of the component with each new version of Delphi.

>Code is often poor quality

That depends on where it comes from. Some third-party component suppliers are better at extending their feature lists and bragging about their competence as programmers than they are at documenting their work and fixing bugs. Others, however, are as high in quality as you could possibly expect.

>Poor integration with Delphi.

I am not sure what you mean by this.

>Heavy commitment to learning new components.

Access to a well written manual is half the batter.

>No possibility of porting to C#.NET

They are Delphi components, why should they be portable to C#?

>In general, OEM components are over priced
>because of the upgrade policies.

A gross generalisation, and like almost every other statement you have made in your email, it is true in some instances and definitely not true in others.

>Also, correct me if I am wrong, but with IB Objects I have to commit to the
>Data Aware components. ie Delphi DA Components no longer work.

IB Objects comes with TDataset descendant component that you can use if you wish.

>Yes, Borland have made that statement and it pisses me off.

What statement have Borland made?

>That among many other reasons is why I am moving away from Borland in general.

They still make some of the best reasonably-priced development tools out there.