Subject Firebird cache
Author Alexander Tabakov
Hi guys,

I have some questions regarding Firebird cache.

If page size is 8192 bytes and if I set 5000 buffers for a database
that means 40MB of cache:

1. For all connections using this database?
2. Cache per connection?
3. Something else ... :))

I have a database with 9 connections to it and the above cache schema.
It uses only about 50MB of RAM. I have plenty more. How can I use
this extra RAM to work for me.

I would be happy to hear any comments on using RAM efficiently.

One more question. How can I determine the best page size for my
data. I use 8192 bytes per page and I am happy but actually I am not sure this is the best.

Thank you in advance :))

Best regards,
Alexander mailto:saho@...