Subject Re: [firebird-support] Select from SP in a view
Author Regina Phandu
> 1) What's the error?

the error is: table sp_small_vpa is unknown. of course, it is not a table but
it's a store procedure.
i just wonder if Firebird allowed select from sp in a view or not?

> 2) 1.5 won't allow you to use mixed implicit and explicit join syntax -
> you can use either one, but not mix both. (This is Firebird protecting you
> from yourself :-))

I'm still using 1.0 though.
> 3) There are no criteria for joining sp_small_vPA.
> 4) I'm almost sure that 1.5 won't let you mix table aliases with direct
> table identifiers in the same statement - in which case you'll need to use
> an alias for sp_small_vPA.
> a.category,
> a.description,
> b.CatDetID,
> b.pointdescr,
> s.SupervisorF
> FROM sp_small_vPA s
> JOIN evalcattab a ON s.??? = a.??? <--- need join criteria here
> JOIN evalcatdet b ON a.category = b.category ;

well, I confuse how to JOIN between a store procedure and a table?
since sp_small_vPA is a store procedure and evalcattab is a table.
I tried to use an alias for sp_small_vPA. but it still not working. i guess,
the problem is as I ask the above, how to JOIN between sp and table.