Subject Re: [firebird-support] Newbie Qustion
Author Helen Borrie
Hello Whangarei!!

At 03:21 PM 25/07/2003 +1200, Tony Blomfield wrote:
>I have an app developed in IB6 using IBX6.05
>Will this work seamlessly with FB? ie Is IBX fully compatible with FB?
>I wish to witch strategy from IB to FB.

Seamlessly - probably, provided you stick with Firebird 1.0.x and carefully
test compatibility if you implement any Firebird-specific language
features. For Firebird 1.5 and further down-track, you'd be well advised
to plan on using IB Objects or FIBPlus, since Borland has indicated it has
no intention of keeping IBX compatible with Firebird. Both of the
Firebird-compliant component sets are technically superior to IBX, in any case.

On the transition from IB 6 to Firebird, the Firebird DSQL parser already
spits the dummy on some bad SQL that IB 6 allows, so be prepared to tighten
up some of your joined sets and subqueries if you haven't been used to
using fully-qualified column-names in your query specs to date.