Subject Newbie
Author Tony Blomfield

I am new here. I am finally about to start evaluating FB for our project.

Just briefly, its a Web hosted application for Vehicle Tracking. Currently
it runs in the UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

The server consists of a mix of services. Multiple threads hit the DB at
approx 30 hits PS. Most of the hits are complex.

We are using IB6.02, but need to improve our DB specifically because of
performance issues, in the main caused by the crappy optimiser.

To give an idea of loading, in 14 days of Operation we are seeing approx 4
TB of IO's for IB.

The main transaction table is running at approx 10,000,000 rows.

As a first step, can some one just confirm that a port is feasible.

The Server Applications written in Delphi 6 use IBX 6.05. Will FB work OK
with thee components?