Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird roadmap questions
Author Leyne, Sean

> Now my questions:
> - Will FB1.5 replace the 1.0 branch and receive bugfixes/security
> updates in the future (even when FB2.0 wil lbe around)?

It is the goal of the project to backport major security patches and/or
fixes to all branches -- within practical reason.

The 1.0 branch/module will remain 'forever', the code will not be
removed. It may, however, get locked down into 'maintenance' or
read-only mode.

The fact that the v1.5 code base has been dramatically changed from v1.0
makes some backports not possible.

Backporting from v2.0 to v1.5, should be much more feasible, but not

All this being said, like the v1.0 release, v1.5+ will eventually get
'left behind'.

> - Will FB1.5 stay compatible with the 16bit bde through gds.dll?
> (somehow I feel bad asking this question in 2003... dunno why...;)

There is no plan for a major change the client protocol, which would
break existing installs, until v2.0. So your current GDS.dll support
should remain unchanged.

Sean Leyne

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