Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Database compress/purge
Author Scott Taylor
At 02:25 07/24/03, you wrote:
> >> First time gbak encounters such an error it will stop operation and
> >> the rest of the backup file is unrestored.
>s> Oh, looking back on the output of the restore again, now I see what
>s> heLen was getting at too. That is developer stupid, maybe it should
>s> be fixed if it hasn't been in 1.5.
>Discussions on how to fix it have been made, but I can't recall any
>satisfactory way to do it. And no, it's not fixed in Fb 1.5.
>I feel it's more complicated than you figure. If you have a proposal
>you can post it to the devel list.

Well, I'm not a developer, but other RDBMSs I have worked with, just spew
out an error log for such tripe, and continue on their merry way with the
next record in line. PROGRESS for instance, way different then gbak, but
it displays an error counter as it restores records, it doesn't stop
because of one record, that's kinda defeatist.

>P.S. Nice limerick! ;-)

Barely even naughty. ;)