Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to use Aliases?
Author Nando Dessena

>> BTW, I have tried to register Fb 1.0 and Fb1.5 at the same time, but
>> Windows XP says this can't be done since the names (or the display
>> names) are duplicate. Is it just me or the two cannot actually
>> coexist?

D> There supposed to be different. FB 1.0 is still IBServer.exe and
D> IBGuard.exe, and the display is "Interbase Server" and "Interbase
D> Guardian", respectively(unless somebody changed them).

Just tried from scratch since I cannot remember what I did see before
installing Fb1.5.
Firebird 1.0 uses "Firebird Server" as the display name and points to
Installing Firebird 1.5 does not register the service (perhaps it
tries to and fails silently - I just don't know); trying to run
instsvc install from the command line gives an error saying that the service
is already registered. I can successfully install one service at a
time, but no way they can coexist, since they both seem to use
"Firebird Server" as the display name and I don't know a way to change
one of them.

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