Subject Re: [firebird-support] Guardian/server not starting automatically
Author Daniel Rail

At July 23, 2003, 13:37, Joe Martinez wrote:

> At 05:07 PM 7/23/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>>Are there any messages in the event log that give any details ?
>>I'm on Win 2000 myself, so I'm not sure if the following applies but :
>>Start | Settings | control panel
>>chose Administration Options
>>choose Event viewer.

> When he goes into Event Viewer and clicks on Application or Security, he
> gets an error message that says, "Unknown Interface". This is a pop-up,
> not an entry in the Event Viewer.

This for me is a red flag that something is wrong with the
installation of Windows. The other reason for Firebird not starting
automatically, can be related to the Windows Events handler, since
Firebird can be trying to write to it.

I would try to find out why there's an error "Unknown Interface", when
going in the Event Viewer. That error shouldn't exists, especially if
the user is logged on as Administrator.

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