Subject Character Set Madness
Author Pablo Lerner

I'm working with Spanish writing users who write characters like ñ,Ñ,á or Á
and every charset I try doesn't work, even the WINxxxx one's, ASCII and
UNICODE. The problem is that the server doesn't accept these characters
("Cannot transliterate characters between character sets"). Well, it accepts
characters when they are inserted from a Fox Pro application, but it doesn't
allow an update or delete of them later on, wich drives me crazy! how come
the server does that ?

For now, I just need if anyone can sugest me wich charset may work for
spanish characters ?

I've read the DataDefinition guide for Interbase 6.0 but I doesn't say which
is the character table each set uses, and I don't know wich might work.

I'm Using Firebird 1.02 and the client is written in VFP 7. Client run over
W98 and server over WINNT. Also, the field I'm using for testing is
referenced by some triggers. Could these have a negative impact on the test,
each time I alter the field modifying the charset ?

Thanks in advance...


PS: was this letter well written or Tarzan written ?

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