Subject Re: [firebird-support] update with subselect, speed / optimization (data repair)
Author Arno Brinkman
Hi Set,

> >Using a EXISTS wouldn't help here. This is a problem for every IB and
> >FB1.0.x version. The only workaround is using a Stored Procedure or
> >for FB1.5-final/using FB 1.5-RC4 (it's fixed in FB1.5).

> Though I must say I am surprised that InterBase customers have accepted
> this for so long (a 1.0 release can be excused, 6.0 or higher ought to
> get this right)


> - even though it is no big deal to write
> the equivalent Stored Procedure.

If you've to write a SP for every update statement and you've hundreds of
them i can imagine that you're not very happy ;-)