Subject User management FB1.5 Linux/Windows
Author lutz_kutscher
I'm a newbie to Firebird. To learn about it, I've installed FB1.5 on three
1) Red Hat Linux 9
2) a remote Windows NT 4.0 Machine
3) my local Workstation (also NT 4.0)
Currently I'm using IBOConsole as main management tool, although I'm trying
out many different db managers.
(EMS IBManager, IBExpert...)
Now I'm experiencing different problems (mainly when trying to manage users)
with the different connections:
1) When I try to manage users on the Linux machine, I keep getting the error
message "Unexpected Output buffer value" (IBExpert, IBAccess). IBOConsole
and EMS Firebird Manager just don't show any data.

2) Trying user management on the local FB-Server causes "user name and
password not defined" (IBExpert) (while access to databases an database
objects works fine).
2a) with IBObjects I can't even log in on the local server.
2b) Trying the same (logging into the FB-Server on my machine) from a remote
workstation with the same user and password works fine.
2c) The same behaviour occurs on the other Windows machine - administering
from my Workstation is no problem, doing the same on the machine the server
runs on causes problems.

Most important to me, though, is user management on the linux server, since
that is the one, I would prefer for the production database (I installed the
others just for portability tests and for debugging of my apps).

Thank you for any hints.


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