Subject Re: charsets, collations and function upper
Author Kamil Srot
<peter_jacobi@g...> wrote:
> <CUT>
> Yes, the uppercasing in the default collation of 8859-2
> isn't that good, to put it mildly.
> <CUT>
> I have plans to work in that direction, but can't make any
> promises yet.
> The good news for you, is that we a) want to port our App to
> Firebird and b) we need to support 8859-2 too.

I'm glad to hear, that you're going to resolve this... do you think,
I can help fixing some parts of the code?

Our APP is becoming too complex with handling all that character set
work in our application/UDFs... I would like to invest the work, we
have to do, dealing character sets, to (hopefully) make firebird

Let me know, what do you think.


> Regards,
> Peter Jacobi