Subject charsets, collations and function upper
Author camel1cz
Hi all,

I have a problem dealing with my local character set (iso8859-2) in

I'm using FB version 1.0.2 (from current Debian SID) and I've also
tryied it on FB 1.5RC2...

I have created testing database with DEFAULT CHARACTER SET iso8859_2,
then made a table with varchar field...

I can connect to the database using isql (from linux and also windows
with correct set names parameter) and can see and also insert values
into database with correct diacritics...

The problem is, that the result of function upper is not as I'm
expecting... it looks like it's processing only characters w/o
diacritics... the case of all characters with diacritics is still the

Have someone any ideas how to solve it? Some description, how to
correctly use firebird with character set iso8859-2 would be great!

Thanks a lot!