Subject Re: Database-Errors
Author Richard
I think i have to explain my problem more detailed:
One of our Customers called that they have strange informations on a
printed list. So I went online and checked the database.

After consultation with our customer we got this result:
He has deleted the entries (Master-Records and some Records from a
detail-table) but not all Records were deleted. But he said, there
were no error-messages.
After this i inserted some records to get them visible in our
programm, so that the user can delete them again. And the records
were again not completely deleted - without message.
Then i shut down all Programms and made a validation (LOG: Relation
has 33925 orphan backversions (13 in use) in table RUNINFO (306)...),
but nothing changed. So i make a backup and then restored the
database. Now i was able to delete the records.
So i think something was demaged within the Database that has caused
the deletion to abort.
Next week i hope to get the database on CD to check if our ZEOS-
comonents have a bug and dont report an error when Delete fail.

But one question:
Where can i see what is really demaged in the database? Because
interbase.log doesnt report it.
And does the INET/inet_error can cause such troubles.