Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Using COMPUTED fields to provide lookup results and allow backup/restore
Author Raymond Kennington
"Alexander V.Nevsky" wrote:
> --- In, Raymond Kennington
> <progsol@c...> wrote:
> > Why is it permitted to be done if it is not possible to backup and
> > restore the database?
> Raymond, I don't know answer for this question, but I have another
> one - why you are so persistent in aspiration for usage of evidently
> most ineffective usage of RDBMS? Besides unpredictable restorability
> computed column of this kind are subqueries and are defeated by joins.
> I think this is the reason why nobody can help you - simply nobody use
> it.
> Best regards, Alexander.

Thank you. I appreciate your comments.

(I am amazed that the language allows for something that appears to be
very useful but is not functioning as described or is considered poor

I was trying to reduce the complexity of my client application.

What would be a more-effective use of the RDBMS?

Do you think I should use the client software (Delphi, in my case) to
do the lookup in order to display the looked-up value of a

Raymond Kennington
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