Subject Re: Recommend type on linux: superserver or classical?
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, "tdtappe" <tappe@t...> wrote:
> What is the recommended server type on a linux box?
> Or should I use different types if we talk about
> different numbers of concurrent users?
> up to 5
> 5-10
> 10-20
> 20-40
> >40

Heiko, more significant is what this users will to do. If you need
more fast response in low loaded system or more fast execution of
many simultaneous similar short queries - you need SS, if you need
high load ability - at least part of users will run long heavy queries
(reports for exampe) - you need CS to allow to work other users. Note
- CS requires more RAM, each connection is separated process which
need memory for cashe and for own needs.

> Do both take advantage of multiple processors?

CS only.

> Will there be a difference if we talk about FB 1.5 instead of 1.0.3?

Personally I use CS only, but people who tried FB 1.5 SS says it
have better load ability than FB 1, but not as good as CS.

Best regards, Alexander.