Subject beginner
Author Alessandro GARDICH
hi to all

i'm a new Firebird user
i'm using Firebird 1.0 (FirebirdSS-
on Linux and i'm writing some simple test programs in C but with some
problems ...

i'm using the isc_dsql_execute_immediate to execute a SQL statment
but it fail all time.

the statment i'm testing is :
INSERT INTO "parametro" ("tipo") VALUES ('v');
if i execute this via isql all work fine ... but in C

strcpy(sqlbuff,"INSERT INTO \"parametro\" (\"tipo\") VALUES ('v')");

all time fail with
'Token unknown "parametro"' ...

without quoting (")
strcpy(sqlbuff,"INSERT INTO parametro (tipo) VALUES ('v')");

the error became
'Table unknown PARAMETRO'
yes table name in uppercase ...

both client and server run on Linux ...

obviously the attach and start_stansaction are executed correclty
(according to status_vector) ...

please help !!!

Alessandro GARDICH <gremlin@...>