Subject RE: [firebird-support] ROUND(ABS(-1.4)) returns NULL
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:51 AM 15/07/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>I don't know why but the file is not there on my machine. I installed it
>on other machine as well, there also I oculdn't get the file. When I used
>-z argument, it gave me the version information as such :
>WI-T1.5.0.3481 Firebird 1.5 Release Candidate 3.

The package containing that build didn't contain fbudf.dll, you are correct.

>I downloaded it from sourceforgenet.
>Tried to download it from net. But got a corrupted one. Can me send me urs.

Better, you should take care of this yourself, by going to and through to the Downloads > Main page. These will
point you directly to the Sourceforge mirrors where the files are
located. Just make certain you choose the right kit, because there are
multiple options for RC 4. If you get a chance to select a mirror, choose
the Australian one, as it will be the most direct one for you (if you are
in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh) and has plenty of capacity at this time
of day (less risk of timeouts--->unfinished downloads).

Whoever built the RC4 package did a better job. Both of the standard UDF
libraries are in ..\UDF, along with the DDL scripts for declaring the
functions to your database. If you are using any of the functions from
ib_udf.dll, make sure that you have ib_util.dll in your ..\bin directory.

Just a warning, though. There are problems with 1.5 and UDFs on Windows 98.