Subject Firebird on Linux server with windows client / JAVA
Author james_027
Firebird on Linux server with windows client

Inspired by the thread of "Linux versions supported"

Can anyone give me advice on running firebird on linux.

From what I have read, it seems that many of you uses Debian. Is
Debian better than redhat? How about Slackware? Haven't seen anybody
mentioning this linux distribution.

Is it possible to have a firebird on linux server. Where in you have
windows application accessing its database on the firebird installed
on linux?

Iam developing database application under win32 platform. So if I
have my firebird on linux will that perform better than under the
windows server or vice versa?

I know the reason some of us is trying to develop with kylix because
linux is free. what if we develop application on Java to use Firebird
database on linux. Can anyone body give comment on that?