Subject Re: [firebird-support] Linux versions supported?
Author Gary Marshall
Hi there Doug

> Mostly, I'm concerned about the upcoming Linux 2.6 release and what will
> work with it. That is the actual release I am most likely to use long

Be concerned no longer - the problem generally doesn't lie with the kernel
version - upgrading to Linux 2.6 when it's released should have no impact on
the functioning of the actual Firebird / Kylix applications. It will
however have an impact on the functioning of your networking and hardware,
which might have side effects. For instance, in the unlikely case that your
graphics card stops working with the new drivers in 2.6, then Kylix stops
working because you can't use X. You can test your system to see how it
will work by installing the 2.5 kernel, because that is the development
version that will eventually be frozen into 2.6.

The system libraries (mostly glibc) and the compiler (usually gcc) are what
can lead to incompatibilities due to changes in the way symbols are exposed
/ API's supported, etc.

Hope this helps