Subject Re: [firebird-support] When is database file actually saved
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Alexander,

> Here's similar but different way to verify changes were written to
> database:
> 1. Open the database with any tool, make some changes and commit
> them. Keep the db open.
> 2. In the Windows Explorer, right-click on the database file and
> choose Properties.
> 3. Verify file size.

That's nice! So Windows doesn't show the changed size in the Explorer
column (not even if you refresh), but _does_ show it in the Properties
box. My my, how about that for consistency ;-)

But a limitation of this method is that changes - even inserts - don't
always lead to an increase in file size.

BTW, I just came across some more Windows Weirdness whilst playing
with this on a notebook with WinXP Home:

I opened a db, made and committed changes, kept the db open, and then
made a filesystem copy from the Explorer. To my surprise, the copy had
the same (old) timestamp as the original in the Explorer.

I thought maybe Forced Writes was off (although I never turn that off)
so I opened the copy and... yes sir! The copy contained the fresh
changes I made in the original, although it still had the original's
pre-modification timestamp!

IIRC Win2K gives the copy the correct - current - timestamp. (Don't
have my Win2K partition active right now.)

Paul Vinkenoog