Subject When is database file actually saved
Author fbouwmans2003
Hi all, I have the following problem.

Environment winxp with firebird 1.03 (but also tried 1.5)
application in form of service which connects to the database at
startup and disconnects at closedown
updates to the database using a default transaction.

I did lose all my changes done to the database twice now. It appears
that changes are kept in a memory cache untill the connection is
closed (which I checked by doing changes and then stopping my
I suspect that when firebird service is closed before my appserver is
closed that data could get lost.
When I check configuration I see that "Forced Write" is checked. Some
simple tests with ibaccess and a test database showed that the file
is not updated on disk untill disconnect. However data was not lost
when the database service is closed before the connection is closed.

Any suggestions would be welcomed