Subject Re: [firebird-support] When is database file actually saved
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello Hans,

> To test that, I just made a test database with ibaccess Then I open
> the db and add some values, after commit nothing changes to the
> database file (the actual file on disk).
> Obviously when querying the database I get the changed data but it
> is not jet stored on HD.

It *is* stored, but you don't see it in the Windows Explorer as long
as the file remains open.

Here's another test, to show it:

1. First back up your database. What follows doesn't ususally corrupt
the db but under some (far-fetched) conditions it just *might*.

2. Open the database with any tool, make some changes and commit them.
Keep the db open.

3. In the Windows Explorer, right-click on the database file and
choose Copy.

4. Now Paste the file to any folder you like - easiest is the same
folder as the db.
(You can also Ctrl-drag to perform steps 3 and 4.)

5. Open the pasted copy - again using any tool - and you'll find your
committed changes. This proves that they were written to the
original database file. It's just that the Explorer doesn't show
the different file time and size until the file is closed.

Paul Vinkenoog