Subject Re: [firebird-support] IBOconsole
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:51 AM 10/07/2003 +0800, you wrote:

> I am beginner.I have a simple problem:what is the ODS10 database and
> ODS9 database.

ODS = On-Disk Structure. It refers to the way data are managed and stored
on the hard-disk, inside the database file. When you have a new major
version of the database engine (e.g. Firebird 1 to Firebird 2), the DB
engine (usually) applies a lot of new rules that are not backwardly
compatible. Each set of rules maps to a different ODS.

ODS 9 applies to InterBase 5.x databases. ODS 10 applies to InterBase 6.x
and Firebird 1.x databases.

InterBase 7 is ODS 11 and Firebird 2 will probably be ODS 12.

A Firebird 1.x server can open an ODS 9 database; but an InterBase 5.x
server cannot open an ODS 10 or 11 database.