Subject Re: [firebird-support] Cannot order By
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
>Actually I don not use any double quotes when i create the view,
>I am using IB console 6.0 and server FB 1.0.

I've read people recommend changing to IBOConsole
( or another tool for use with
Firebird. Myself, I only use IB_SQL (, but I do not
administrate any database.

>And if there is really no way out, I have considered to redesign my table,
>event if it will take more time.
>I know my table is not perfect, so be gentle :)

Well, using ORDER BY should work when simply used to select from a view or
table. I don't know what is wrong, the only thing I can see straight away
is that you are creating a view using SQL-92 (JOIN clause) linking together
one table and another view that has been created using SQL-89 (join through
the where clause) to link five tables. I would recommend changing your
SQL-89 views to SQL-92, but have no idea as to whether there is any problem
in writing an SQL-92 view joining SQL-89 views or not (I know that mixing
SQL-89 and SQL-92 within the same select is discouraged). Maybe it will
help, maybe it won't, gurus should know, but I'm not one of those.