Subject Cannot order By
Author Yosi
Hello Every one,

I have created a view with code below :

) AS

select A.Rin, A.Qty, B.Pakai as Pakai, (A.Qty - B.Pakai) as Saldo,
A.TglTerima, A.UOM, A.Price, A.Ket, A.KodeGdg,
A.namaGdg, A.NamaBrg
from qRawIn A left outer join qAkumPakaiRaw B
on A.Ket = B.Ket and A.Rin = B.RIn and A.KEt = B.ket and A.tglTerima =
B.tglMasuk and
A.KodeGdg = B.KodeGdg

the problem is, I cannot call the view if I added the ORDER BY Syntax.
Ie : Select * from qsaldoraw order by DATE

Th Error appear like :
Arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation
Statement: select * from qsaldoraw order by DATE

This error never come out if i don't use the ORDER BY syntax.
But I need to do a FIFO trancation which need to look at the date data.

Help me Plz ...
thanks in advanced