Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Creating a view
Author Daniel Rail
Hi Helen,

At July 7, 2003, 09:21, Helen Borrie wrote:
> Here's maybe what's happening - I don't have IBExpert, so I can only
> guess. He is using some tool for writing/editing scripts, without
> understanding that you actually have to RUN a script in order to create the
> objects in the database...It's odd that he's referring to "compiling a
> view", too, since you don't compile views.

If IB Expert uses the same names in the hints as QuickDesk, then the
caption of the button is "Compile"(this is probably where the word
compiling comes from). QuickDesk runs the "CREATE VIEW" script when
the user clicks on the "Compile" button. But, the user has to commit
if Firebird or Interbase didn't return any errors, after executing(but
not committing) the script on the server. This way a person can still
rollback changes(for whatever reason) after the DDL has been executed.

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