Subject Re: [firebird-support] Digest Number 1584
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi Anand,

> CREATE VIEW is an SQL statement. So you don't *save* it, you
> commit
> it!
> heLen
> ....
> That got me thinking how I could 'Save' the view definition into
> the database. My problem lies with the front-end IBExpert,
> which neither lets me save the view definition with the
> database, nor lets me 'commit' it.
> I found that after compiling the View definition in IBExpert, I
> can launch the 'SQL Editor', copy and paste the View definition
> into the 'SQL Editor' and then Execute and Commit it through the
> SQL Editor.

I believe IBExpert let's you type the view definition, press "Save"
and THEN issues the statement and you have to commit it from
some kind of dialog.

Care to try "Database Workbench" as a front-end?
It's unique - it let's you also MODIFY a view source, as long as the
column definition stays the same.

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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