Subject 100% Cpu Usage
Author rockwithme77

I am using firebird on an NT platform. I am using Visual Basic .Net
as the frontend for the application. I am using version
0.RC3 and 1.0 - .NET Framework 1.0. I am having a few problems
though. There are about 4 users accessing the database simultaneously.

1. After running for a while the firebird server takes up 100% Cpu
usage. and stop responding to any client request.

2. At this point the client application also freezes as a call to the
database never returns.

3. I also have another question, if the client program opens a
transaction and for some reason lose the connection to the database
and couldnot comit or rollback the transaction, is there any
mechanism by which after certain time the server will close the
transaction and thus release the locks, if not what happens if there
are open transaction which are never commited or rolledback.

Can anyone please help.