Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: IBOQuery and datasource mechanics
Author Dmitry Yemanov

> This is all I can find about this setting:
> * Fixed unregistered bug.
> Make SQLDA parameter mapping consistent with order
> and number of parameters in source SQL string.
> Notes:
> You can enable older mapping behavior (for backward
> compatibility)
> using "OldParameterOrdering" configuration manager parameter.
> Contributor(s):
> Nickolay Samofatov
> Can someone tell me where I can find out more details about
> this setting in the conf file?

There is a bug in IB/FB1 which causes to hardly predicted parameter bindings
in non-trivial cases (subselects, internal functions, etc). As you know, the
server doesn't use parameter names, only ordinals (because every parameter
is just a "?" sign in a SQL statement). But the server-generated bindings
didn't correspond to parameters in their textual order within SQL, i.e. your
value for parameter :A may be in fact assigned to another one and vice
versa. AFAIK, Jason has a workaround for this bug is his IBO library, so you
may notice problems with FB 1.5 (which has this bug fixed) and IBO.
Specially for such situations, the mentioned compatibility parameter
(OldParameterOrdering) was added to firebird.conf.