Subject Cannot connect to database
Author Yosi
Hello all,

I am a newbie to Interbase / Firebird and I have a problem here,

I am using Ib 6.0a free, and accessing from Delphi7,
the error happened like below.

If I use TCP/IP protocol with servername : 'dbserver::d:\database\inv.gdb',
It can successfully connected, but if i tried to run a query then the error
message occured like :
"Feature not supported " and the query operation halted.

If I use NET BUI protocol with servername: \\dbserver\d:\database\inv.gdb',
i cannot even connect to the data base with a messsage
"Cannot attach to database password ... "

Why ??

I have tried to swicth to Firebird several time, but never work either.
Is there anyone could help me here ?

thx in advancad.