Subject Access violation in module 'FBCLIENT.DLL'
Hi all,

I've been using events on FireBird 1.02 for quite
sometime now without any problems until I upgraded
to FireBird 1.5 RC3.

I am receiving "access violation error in module
FBCLIENT.DLL" errors when I do the following steps:
1. attach to database
2. start transaction
3. register event
4. open table
5. close table
6. unregister event
7. rollback
8. detach from database
-> access violation!!

One thing I noticed is that this does not occur if
the table has only a few records (<500??).

Furthermore, this only occurs when you connect via
TCP/IP, local connections are OK.

FireBird 1.0x does not have this problem.

To reproduce the error, I've attached a Delphi source
and a sample database.

The following components are used in the application:

1. TFixedIBEventAlerter

2. FreeIBComponents

Thanks :)


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