Subject Re: [firebird-support] C API - isc_attach
Author Roman Jokl
Dan Crea wrote:

>>From you code example, it looks like you may need to specify a full path to
>the database file. Not specifying a path will use the working directory.
>So running this binary elsewhere will not find the file. (I'm not 100% sure
>on the working directory point...)
>isc_attach_database(status, 0, "localhost/usr/local/firebird/kerio.fdb",
>&db, 0, 0);
>isc_attach_database(status, 0, "/usr/local/firebird/kerio.fdb", &db, 0, 0);
>However, if the db file is not found you should get an error in the
>ISC_STATUS vector. You should copy this vector and pass the copy to
>isc_interprete(...) to see what the error is. Assuming (vector[0] == 1 &&
>vector[1] > 0) is true.
no, this is not the problem, because:
1) i try full path
2) i run the binary in the directory which database is in
3) the attach function terminate execution, so i cann't test status vector