Subject Re: Still UDF problem.
Author Ghanshyam
Thanx for ur help.

I am using .NET driver ( FirebirdNetProvider-1.0-NF1.0). If it
doesn't recognise UDF calls, then it wouldn't have executed any query
containing the UDF. But, it executes one.

If .Net driver is not able to manage the exception, then how do I
take care of exceptions? I am using Firebird 1.0


--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 12:41 PM 26/06/2003 +0000, you wrote:
> >No, that isn't the problem. I just forgot to remove the double
> >(") while pasting the code. I've already mentioned, the syntax is
> >fine. Just the problem related to UDF. 'Coz when I am going to use
> >it, it gives the problem. Plz help me.
> You could be losing the connection because your .NET driver doesn't
> recognise UDF calls, or because it is having trouble dealing with
> exceptions arising from errors in your SQL. You say you guess
there is no
> syntax error, but this statement is 1) ambiguous and 2) does not
name the
> expression fields. (If you are using InterBase, not Firebird, then
IB is
> more tolerant of ambiguous join statements...)
> Since, as you say, the statement works if you don't use the UDFs
then my
> next guess is that the unnamed output fields are probably causing a
> crash. They shouldn't; they should cause an exception. So maybe
> .net driver doesn't manage exceptions.
> Try to deal with one problem at a time. Go back to your statement
> reconstruct it so that the syntax is clean. I'm excluding all your
> and pieces to show the right way to present these statements:
> select
> categoryid,
> sNvl(xyzcatname, '') as xyxCATEGNAME
> from tblcategories ;
> select
> sNvl(, '') as TPNAME,
> sNvl(tp.description, '') as TPDESCRIPTION,
> sNvl(tp.SKU, '') as TPSKU,
> tp.prodid,
> tp.pprice,
> sNvl(tp.pimgurl, '') as TPPIMGURL
> FROM tblproducts tp
> select 1 from tblxyz tx
> where tx.prodid = tp.prodid)
> As this isn't a .NET forum, you can help us by giving us your
actual SQL,
> not your concatenated, ASP-friendly stuff.
> Helen