Subject Re: [firebird-support] Limitting maximum database file size
Author Bisma Jayadi
> 1. You have a dirty baby.
> 2. You fill a tub with water.
> 3. You put the dirty baby in the tub.
> 4. You wash your baby.
> 5. You throw away the muddy water.
> Now, you've done a great job as a babysitter. But wait,
> where did the baby go? Oops, maybe you did a serious
> mistake... Well, that's at least what a Norwegian thinks
> the phrase means.

That's funny and stupid as well. :)

> Yes, commits are time consuming, but they do not break
> connections. What does happen, is that the transaction
> ends, so depending on which tool you use (IBObjects does
> it automatically in most cases), you may have to start
> a new transaction (or 'restart your transaction'). If
> you do have sensible (read: selective) indexes, don't
> do anything fancy and do it directly on your server,
> you should be able to update 60000 records in less than
> a minute (well, I haven't tried updates, but I have
> written a program transferring (between two databases)
> three or four thousand records per second, and I cannot
> imagine updates to be that much slower).

I'm using dbExpress component for the database connection. I still don't
know if dbExpress has different mechanism for hard commit, or maybe
there is an option I have to set. But, everytime I do commit from
TSQLQuery and not re-open the TSQLConnection, I got "SQL mapping failed"
error. Let me take a look at the dbExpress first.



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