Subject Re: [firebird-support] Limitting maximum database file size
Author Bisma Jayadi
> Right button for the cause of the bloat, wrong button for
> fixing it. Your solution is known as "throwing the baby
> out with the bathwater".

That's a new term for me. Can you explain it?

> The process flow is well hidden by your pseudocode, but
> your hard commit should NOT occur for every row. One of
> your loops (and only you can know which one) should be
> counting rows updated and, when this count gets to
> 10,000, you call commit.

Yup. I've optimized my code to do that. I think, beside the update
process, the thing that slow my application down, is the commit itself.
Because after a commit, the connection is broken and I have to
re-connect to the server. I hope I can optimize my code so it can finish
its task below 5 minutes.



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