Subject RE: [ib-support] Writing to external files
Author Louis Kleiman
Well, I answered my own question and reverse engineered it. Man does FB 1.5
load data fast. I loaded 1,000,000 records (8 integer fields and 1 double
precision) in 26 seconds. I can write that same file in about 19 seconds.
Yes, total data transfer of 1,000,000 records in 45 seconds.

I think I will work on a Delphi component that can natively write a dataset
to a native FB external file format. Anyone interested?

Louis Kleiman


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Subject: [ib-support] Writing to external files

Hi All -

I have a challenge for you:

I want to write a file from a Delphi program that is compatible with a
Firebird external file. "Easy", you say, "just make it ASCII and convert
from ASCII to your numeric types with a CAST() when you load from the
external file to your real table." Well, that would work, but I am really
trying to save every possible millisecond here because I have some
10,000,000 line files to load. Can anyone tell me how to write files that
are binary compatible with Firebird? I'll even restrict the data types:
all I really need are INTEGER and DOUBLE PRECISION.

I might be able to reverse engineer this, but I thought I would put it to
the group to see if someone already knows.


Louis Kleiman


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