Subject RES: [ib-support] Searching query
Author Marcelo Pitanga
Hi Riho-Rene,

A computed field can not take part the search, but you can created a view
and after use in other select.

select (name1 || name2) as name from table

select name from VW1
where name like 'test'


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> Is it somehow possible to do a search like this:
> select (name1 || name2) as name from table
> where name like 'test'
> I want to search some part of name from both fields - I dont know what
> part of data is in first or in second field.
> if name1="abcdef" and name2="ghij", then I could find the record if I
> serched for 'cd' or 'hi'
> Riho-Rene Ellermaa
> senior programmer
> Hansabank
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