Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Alter Table, add default value to an existing field (2nd post)
Author Nando Dessena

h> Thanks Martijn, I would have my suspicion over DEFAULT_BLR field, but
h> it's a Blob Subtype BLR; how can I assign this kind of datatype?
h> I can't find anything on the docs about Binary Language
h> Representation format. It's a public format?
h> I'm sure
h> WHERE ...
h> it's not a valid way.
h> By the way, I need to embed that change on a DDL or DML script (not a
h> developer tool), because there are many .GDB in production at user's
h> home that I want to update.

if you are confident you want to directly update RDB$DEFAULT_BLR (and
I'm not sure I would if I were you, since this is mostly
undocumented), you can add another field with the correct default
definition to the table; this will add a row in RDB$RELATION_FIEDS;
then you update the RDB$DEFAULT_BLR of the old record to that of the
new record, drop the new field and you're done.

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