Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Validation error
Author Marco Bommeljé
Hi Magnus,

If I were you, I would not rely on behaviour which should not exist
according to the documentation. In stead, I prefer defensive coding,
which would mean in your case:

a) Put in appropriate DML statements in the view triggers;
b) Assign the default values in code in corresponding table triggers.

Best wishes,

semprolbat wrote:
> Marco,
> > This implies that the validation error on the second statement is
> not
> > a bug. In stead, the fact that your first statement works at all
> (when
> > the trigger is in place) should be considered as an undocumented
> > feature. ("Works as programmed" was an answer we once received from
> a
> > technology vendor; "works as designed" would mean there is a
> design.)
> Well, I certainly hope they will stick with the current behaviour, as
> my whole database is based on views with triggers.... Too bad the
> default field value-thing does not work though.
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