Subject New Tech Group!!! - Come Join Us!!!!
Author Dora
Hello there?

Have you ever been on the phone with tech support about your
computer, and had to
wait forever? And, many of the times, the call is long distance,
thus, you are having
to pay for the help you are after? That's where my club comes in,
Techie Talk Town. You
are free to post whatever help question you have that relates to
Windows 95 through
Windows 2000. My goal is to answer your question, and not just that,
but make it a
learning experience for you. Also, my help is down-to-Earth. I
don't believe in talking
above somebody, but only "with somebody." If I don't know the answer
right off hand, I'll
find it. Plus, you are welcome to help others as well. We all
experience issues with
our computers. Wouldn't it be great to be able to get an answer you
can understand for
a change? Well, join my group/club, and bring with you your
experiences, questions, and