Subject RE: [ib-support] Re: [IBO] Backup and restore of a database
Author Alan McDonald
you lock them out by shutting the server down, renaming the db, and starting
the server again - then you have free access to the renamed db with the
server running until you are ready to put it back in service

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Subject: Re: [ib-support] Re: [IBO] Backup and restore of a database

> I just set sweep interval to 0 and run it manually when the
> system is quiet. Backup and Restore should not be needed if
> the applications are running cleanly - if you are running
> BDE then THAT has to go first <g>.

I'm currently currently setting up our upgrade to ensure sweep interval is
set to 0. I plan to do a backup and restore instead of a sweep for
maintenance though... Does a sweep rebuild indices, etc?

> > Our upgrades involve a bunch of sql to reconstruct their current
> > into the shape we want it... As such, it's a good idea to backup and
> > restore after this... I think our insert triggers would tear us apart
if we
> > tried to pump to a new db...
> If you are reconstructing the existing database, then you
> have to shut down everybody else anyway, so a final backup
> and restore should not be a problem. BUT I would still say
> that it is the wrong way to be doing things. You need a
> fully tested and working NEW database before you even start
> the upgrade, so simply dumping - with processing - the
> information from the OLD format should not be a problem. The
> only time I do online changes is if I simply need an extra
> field for something before we do a proper update.

You are correct. It would be a good idea to shut everyone else down while
an upgrade was running.... It seems to work if they are connected though
(sometimes...) :-) The important thing is that they don't try to do
anything - or it they do, you have good control over your try..except and
try..finally constructs....

I am interested in discovering a way of knowing whether the database is in
use before starting the upgrade.... Knowing the number of connected users
in this case would probably be sufficient... It would also be nice to be
able to lock out all users for a short period of time... This can't be done
by Interbase can it?


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