Subject Re: [ib-support] Backup and restore of a database
Author Anthony Ison
> You shouldn't be renaming database files in their normal location while
> server is running, anyway. Of course you can expect corruption if you try
> to do any filesystem-level things to the database whilst users are
> connected, or trying to connect. You can't fix a puncture on a moving

Is it possible to disconnect a single database without taking down the whole
server? I need to run 2 applications and allow access to one while
maintaining the other.... Also, is renaming a database the same as copying
the file? That is, can renaming the file corrupt the database as well? I
seem to be able to copy a database while connected and copy it back over
itself.... Not recommended that you try this at home.... However, if you
try to rename the file, it says it is in use... Is it safe to rename an
interbase database? If it works no one was connected...?

> You shouldn't even try to perform metadata updates whilst you don't have
> exclusive access to the database...

Is it possible to enforce this without shutting down the server? Also, what
can I check to ensure my database isn't currently in use?