Subject RE: [ib-support] Backup and restore of a database
Author Alan McDonald
if you think you can do all of this without interrupting users ever, then
I'm sorry, can't be done. There has to be a scheduled resore sometime if you
want to do this maintenance. The backup/restore cycle that is done once or
twice a year (for me) is done by telling everyone they can't get access to
the database between certain hours and doing the cycle in this period. You
can do it manually or you can automate it via batch files or you can use the
tool I mentioned. Personally I use a batch file, gbak and the AT service to
do all backups. I do the restore manually in some cases. Use net stop and
start and rename files etc in the backup to automate all steps.


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Subject: Re: [ib-support] Backup and restore of a database

> 3. once quite infrequently (perhaps 2 times a year)
> your backup is restored to another name adjacent to real database then the
> real one is renamed to "oldXXX" and the restored original file is rename
> "your real dbname.gdb"
> step 3 has to be done while noone is connected - you have to manage this
> process somehow.

This really comes down to the root of the problem.... I am trying to do
this process regularly. You have said to do it infrequently (twice per
I am looking to automate this process as much as possible. You have
described a process very similar to my current approach, just varying the
times.... What can I do to be sure that I can safely rename one file to the
other? Should I be using MoveFile instead of CopyFile? Is this the answer?

Basically, the database could be modified through a client connecting or
through the interbase server dumping its cache, or whatever it does... I
need to be sure this hasn't happened while I'm renaming the files.


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