Subject Re: [ib-support] IBConsole Very slow to responde (Opening Delphi projects too)
Author M Tuttle
I'm a little confused.

I have turned off system restore on this new XP machine and it still takes
forever to connect to "Local Server" and then even longer to connect to my

I have another Windows XP development machine that does not have the system
restore turned off and yet when I open IBConsole and double click on the
"Local Server" it connects instantly and then when I double click to connect
to the database, it connect instantly too. We have NOT renamed the GDB
extensions either. This computer is also using IB 6.01

Anything else to check?



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Subject: RE: [ib-support] IBConsole Very slow to responde (Opening Delphi
projects too)

> At 12:21 AM 17/03/2003 +1100, Alan McDonald wrote:
> >couple of things - you'd be advised to use version 6.02 or FB 1.. not
> >secondly XP has the file GDB extension setup as some kind of protected
> >file - it backsup the file at some times. You need to remove gdb from the
> >protected extensions list.
> >or use FB and use another extension as default.
> ..actually, you can use any extension for an IB database as well. "gdb"
> only a convention - except for isc4.gdb, of course, which is hard-coded.
> It looks as if you are getting hit by three things: XP's evil intentions
> vis-a-vis files with "gdb" extension once when first connecting to
> and again when connecting to your database) and the known IB 6 "slow first
> connection" bug. (Fixed in Firebird 1.5 beta and IB 7, has to be lived
> in other versions).
> Still fixing the two which can be fixed should help a lot...
> heLen
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