Subject Re: [ib-support] IN clause, limitation to 1550 items
Author Lucas Franzen
Daniel Rail schrieb:

> > Is this limitation is the same with Firebird ?
> Yes, the limitation is still there. There have been some talks amongst
> the Firebird developers on how to increase it, but they're not
> conclusive at the moment. Also, if you didn't know, an SQL statement
> can only be at the most 32K characters. It's a limitation at the
> moment. Also, it is possible to have multiple IN clauses in a query,
> up to the statement size limitation.

And in addition to that:
Even if the limitation would be increased as well for the IN clause as
for the SQL statement size it would be still be a limit.

So changing the access to an unlimited structure within SQL access (as
Alan and Adrian suggested) is the better way to solve things like this.

Just my 2c.